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Grammar Review Nouns, Adj., Pronouns, Enclitics
Review Ablatives, Pronouns, Enclitics for TEST
Rev. Personal/Reflexive Pron./Adj.
Review Abl. and Personal Pronouns Notes
Rev. 12 Nouns and Adjectives for Decl. 1-3 TEST
Drill on 3rd. Decl. Adjectives
Rev. 3rd. Decl. i-stems Drill
Regular 3rd. Decl. Drill
3rd. Decl. Vocab. 1-12
Complete 3rd. Declension (i-stems and adjectives)
3rd. Decl. Song
Review Sheet 1-12
Rev. 2nd. Declension Vocab. 1-12
Rev. 1st. and 2nd. Declension Nouns and Adj.
Rev. Vocab. 1st. Decl. and 1st. and 2nd. Adj.
2nd. Declension Class Notes
2nd. Decl. Song
1st. Decl. Class Review
1st. Decl. Song
Second Rev. Drill on Pronouns/Adjectives
Drill on Abl., Pron., and Enclitics
HW Week 7
HW Week 6
HW Week 5
HW Week 4
HW Week 3
HW Week 2
Homework Week 1