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Grammar Review Nouns/Adjectives
Rev. Locative Notes and Drill
Rev. of Ablatives and Dat. of Possession Notes
Rev. Drill on Dat. of Possession and Ablatives
All Five Declensions Drill Sheet
Rev. 4th. and 5th. Decl. Drill
4th. Decl. Review Notes
4th. Decl. Song
5th. Decl. Review Notes
5th. Decl. S
Rev. Vocab. for 4th. and 5th. Declensions
Review 3rd. i-stem Decl. Notes
Rev. 3rd. istem Drill
3rd. Decl. Drill
Vocab. 15-21 and 2.1 Dec. 3 i-stems
Rev. Vocab. 1.15-2.1 3rd. Declension Reg.
Regular 3rd. Decl. Review
3rd. Decl. Song
Vocab. 1.15-2.1 for 1st. and 2nd. Decl.
Blank Declension Sheet
First Decl. Review in Class
First Declension Song
Review Notes on 2nd. Decl.
2nd. Decl. Song
Decl. 1 and 2 Drill Sheet
Rev.4th. Decl Drill
Review Drill on ALL 3rd. Declension for QUIZ
Rev. 3rd. Decl. Adj. Drill
5th. Decl. Review Drill
HW Week 5
HW Week 4
HW Week 3
HW Week 2